They are recommending we throw the masks back on the kids during tripledemic

Taliban bans women from NGOs and universities. NGO is one of the top 5 scariest things in the world today. The report about Afghanistan and the radical Taliban has taken over. We will have zero proof that the terrorist was on the balcony that the bomb shedded him. But our government and joe likes to say we did. What we did in Afghanistan and what we gave to China.
The machete attack suspect Trevor Bickford targeted the NYPD near Times Square. He wanted to join the Taliban and die as a martyr. If the diary the kid has said Trump one time, it would be the biggest story on what Trump has caused. Nothing about this as a terrorist attack as the kid attacks NYPD on New years Eve.

Biden mulls 2024 presidential run

2022 Stock and Bond markets have had their worst year since 2008. People are concerned as interest rates go up.

Remember Dr. Malone. Elon musk opened his profile back up on twitter. IN 2023 the reason Kevin McCarthy is struggling to get all the votes he needs to get speaker is because of what is about to be shared. When the republicans took the house we got John Bohner. Bipartisan support is that republicans have rolled over and surrendered. Freedom of Speech is on the line in 2023. Then we fast forward to Paul Ryan and we had some really good hearings and when it came time to get the subpoenas, Paul Ryan was nowhere to be found. Malone tweets Governments all over the world working with NGO and corp media deployed an information war battle plan against their citizens over the last 3 years to promote experimental medical products. This is unethical and there must be consequences. This has ZERO political party identification, it is the truth. And McCarthy will not get the gavel if he is not willing to go the distance to expose the truth and do what needs to be done.