Remember it took months to remember to write the new year on the checks. Do people pay bills with checks anymore, who does it for you artificial intelligence?

They will steal any election. The corruption is so bad.

BKP talks about college football.

There is a special election tomorrow in north ga for GA House District 7. The swamp is determined to get Sheree Ralston in Atlanta. She is clueless. She talks about the relationships she has in the 10 years in Atlanta that will help her be a good representative in North GA. The only thing she is running on is mental health and her only claim to her legislative success while being in the capitol. She says it is a work in progress.

There is a lot of fog on the bill. This bill is totally designed to attack traditional marriage. It is designed to attack God Given Natural Birth Gender. God and only God can change the God Given Gender.

They want to put Healthcare Clinics in our schools. They want to have the government raise the kids because you won’t have to worry about them taking your guns because the next generation won’t think they are necessary. Once the dinosaurs die out the kids don’t see a need for guns. The Healthcare clinics and services are handled by the Department of Community Health and if the parents don’t support the 12 year old child and give them a mental health decision that they say belongs to the child not the adults. They will be able to turn the parents into DFACS. Sheree Ralston campaigns on it and supports as her #1 legislative action. Why does Atlanta want her under the gold dome?

There will be an investigation on the campaign of Sheree Ralston. Don’t go for the poor widow woman. She hasn’t been married to him for 15 years.

WE can sit in GA and we can talk about its the number one place to do business and the jobs are everywhere and the 6 billion dollar surplus. And it doesn’t mean a damn thing if we don’t stand up and protect our kids, protect our parents, keep the drugs out of our district.

Lobbyists say they want Johnny Chastain or Sheree Ralston to win the race. They fear the BKP winning the elections. BKP promised to open the hood and expose what is going on in Atlanta.