Nothing happens until you get a speaker of the house. No committees, nothing. There is a group of 9 that won’t vote. The 9 are not convinced that McCarthy has what needs to be done in exposing the corruption. The one negotiated deal is to lower the no confidence vote. Right now it is really hard to vote the speaker of the house out. So if he doesn’t do what he needs to do they can vote him out.

This is what happens. They nominate a speaker of the House. The floor opens for nominations. The democrats even though they are in the minority they could make a motion and nominate their candidate.

Twitter files release on Anthony Fauci

Trump blames GOP handling of abortion for midterms losses and issues that were poorly handled by republicans especially those who firmly insist and no exceptions. Republicans lost on the issue.

A Florida school district that blocked a transgender student from using a boys bathroom won a federal appeal after a teenager sued. Sheree Ralston is ok with this girl going into a boys bathroom. She has supported the original version on HB1013 and it supports this

Bills are on the rise in January.

George Santos has lied on campaign

Joe Biden is going to have to sell the American people on the war in Ukraine. wE are pray biden won’t pull our kids into a war.

The 9 republicans raise concerns about McCarthy’s speakership bid.