There is a list of a top 10 conspiracy theories that will come true in 2023
McCarthy speakership is in jeopardy as nine house republicans send stinging letter warning appointment would be a continuation of the past and ongoing failures.

The 10 conspiracy theories that will come true in 2023 that if McCarthy isn’t on board in exposing will threaten his speakership.

We will find out the role the JOD played in Jan6. the fake select committee and the role the government played on Jan 6

The deadly impact of COVID vaccines will become undeniable and Anthony Fauci’s role and all the COVID abuses. If we can’t trust the government and the pharmaceutical companies to take the pills or shots that we need to get well. Where are we at?

This year the scope of China’s control of the US government will become clear between the biden family and how blackrock has infiltrated the WH and are writing US foreign policy. We did everything in Afghanistan and gave it to China

The true nature of David DePape’s relationship with Paul Pelosi. They used this to manipulate an election.

We will find out what Trump’s laughable Mar-a-Lago files contained this year.

We will learn what Democrats intend to do with Joe Biden and who will be tapped to replace him.

Discover the truth in the US Ukraine partnership to research and develop bioweapons. There is something to defend in Ukraine. All indications are that it is a CIA rat’s nest.

The left’s plans to normalize and mainstream pedophilia will come to fruitions. The ability to control young minds is pivotal to their long term plans for control.

The WEF will lead the way in trying to turn humans into glorified matrix style batteries

The relationship between big tech and spy agencies becomes clearer, we will learn that our personal devices are tracking out every move. Rand Paul has warned the American people for years that our phones are used to monitor us in old Big Brother fashion.