Remember on COVID they would always do the side by side comparisons WWII vs COVID. Biden understated the deaths of Fentanyl. 196K deaths from 2018-2021. 500K deaths in 5 years.

20K pounds of these pills confiscated coming across this border. These are not migrants seeking a better life. This is cartels bringing down our children. The next generation is over unless we do something now. A $6 billion surplus is squat if we lose all our kids.

Biden is working on a plan for Student Loans.

Putin, Russia and the sanctions are reported daily. Putin is dying and Russia collapses. Exxon announces that they are going to withdraw from Russia in March 2022. 273K barrels a day to South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand and the US.

The Disney boss pushes for more in person work. YOu have to go back to work. The people are upset they have to go back to the office.

Real republicans believe in transparency. It is time that they are subject to open records requests from the Gold Dome.