WE know Biden went to the border and he made sure that the border was all cleaned up and ready for him. Biden didn’t see any illegals during his visit. ElPaso being cleaned up as if nothing happened just in time for Biden’s visit. Biden new border policies. Expand title 42 to asylum seekers from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua, third country asylum rule, new asylum pathway for 30K migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Mitch and Joe are building a bridge together. They are building campaign commercials. The split screen on Wednesday the house republicans were in chaos not being able to elect a Speaker and Joe Biden was getting things done for the country. It will be a split screen for the border visit.

Angus King just got back from Ukraine. He says there is already a deal on immigration. He says border security is complicated. They are asking for a deal on dreamers, and amnesty for workforce labor.

We want answers. Democrats are fighting an investigation into thousands of murder. Why did they put thousands of COVID+ seniors into nursing homes? The man that thinks he is a woman is Richard Levine that played a part of COVID+ seniors into nursing homes. We can not let the covid origins and the murders that took place during covid let go. Democrats are fighting you getting the truth.