The recent freeze in North GA caused numerous broken pipes and many citizens were without water for a number of days. This is a reminder of how fragile our infrastructure is. It doesn’t take long for the world, region to get real chaotic. Ukraine is living without power, no heat in the dead of winter, food shortage, and don’t know when the next attack is happening, while Ukraine’s wife goes to Paris on a shopping spree.

Is what’s happening in DC chaos? Some groups say it is the way things are supported to work. Some are saying it is the worst thing that can happen. The 20 representing their constituents and they are tired of what is happening in DC. Andrew Clyde told us weeks ago that conservatives will run the house.

McCarthy is not a conservative and will not act on his own unless there is something ironclad to make him conservative. McCarthy past votes: He has voted for same-sex marriage, vax mandidate for military, voted for the 100B for Ukraine, medicare to fund USPS, draft for women, supported the J6 committee and DC as the 51st state, and amnesty for DECA. McCarthy wants the speakership at all costs.

MTG went to congress as the most hated member of congress and something doesn’t smell right with her support for McCarthy. McCarthy supported the House removing MTG from committees.

Economic News. US Auto sales lowest since 2011, Strategic Petroleum Reserves is at its lowest since 1983, Stronger than predicted Job reports which may cause the markets to go down, PMI is lower for the sixth straight month, trade deficit is lowest since 2008-9, decrease in imports, consumer credit card debt is rising. Some economists are saying the Fed is ruining the economy and driving us into recession to push into a system.

Is the panel concerned with a War in Ukraine? There was enough time to get weapons to stop Russia from going into Ukraine. Is it possible that one tactically nuke couldn’t bring us into the War? Poland has the largest land army. Are we not set up for a world war? Even though there are different players, isn’t the scenario laid out like WWII?

The football player that had a heart attack. He woke up yesterday. This situation with Damar is different from the athletes that are dying on the field. The blunt force trauma is the cause of the cardiac arrest. But didnt’ the NFL require the vaccine?

CA puts into law about COVID misinformation.