You are just watching the process in America and democracy is not at stake. We are not going to collapse. Maybe it’s best they don’t work, because when Congress is dysfunctional working we lose money in our pockets. 11 votes have taken place and McCarthy can’t get to the 218. It is not an embarrassment for the republicans. This is a pull at the deep state. This is a battle between saving american and the deep state. We know that McCarthy is not a conservative.

We cringed to take John Boehner and Paul Ryan and we are not accepting this again. What they do in leadership, this is what we have to work on at the state level, if a member of congress doesn’t vote the way the leadership says they have to vote the leader will find a candidate to primary against the sitting representative for not following the leadership.

The 20 is determined to give the power back to the people. All you are watching is the process. And you are watching real conservatives using the process to take the power out of the speaker’s office and give the power back to the people and having a true representative of the districts. McCarthy has had months to make a deal.

Kevin thought he would have such a majority that he would be able to tell the 20 to go pound sand. It didn’t happen that day. NOw he needs those 20. McCarthy is not changing, he is making deals.