We are going to create a team to stop our lawmakers from being persuaded to vote a different way than the district is wanting. This is our chance to turn things around in GA. If you are in GA and we continue to look for a way to stop the corruption and allow our representatives to vote the way we want them to vote it is our chance to change the status quo. We need to find a replacement to a state representative district 9. We will give you the reason why this morning. This person endorsed Sheree Ralston.

Today the House will elect a new speaker of the House in GA. And it seems that Jon Burns is part of the David Ralston deathbed deal. We would love to know what the deathbed deal was. The Ralston family, David, no one let his district know he was sick. Everything was set in place the day David died for Jon Burns to be speaker, Jon Burns to carry David Ralston agenda into 2023, for Sheree Ralston to take David’s place and for Kemp to endorse Sheree. We are tired of a chosen group to make the decision for the people. WE are tired of the backroom deals. In the past we elect these people and they are supposed to vote as the conservatives that they promise us and then they get to Atlanta and they are pro committee, pro lobbyists and pro whatever the speakers say they are pro at. You get your committee assignments based on how you kiss ass. The corrupt system can put a stop to the people at any given time. If Kemp was a conservative he would get up and say that he would put a stop to the corruption and turn the state back over to the people. But when you ask for an investigation or change the rules you are no longer the hard Georgians that Kemp loves.

We know that HB 1013 was a dark bill. And only 3 house members voted against the bill. And Kemp went around how important it is that we are spending money on mental health.

It is our understanding that Barry Fleming was going to run for speaker of the house. And there was a certain house member that claimed his support for Barry Fleming so he could get on the phone call meetings to discuss strategy so this representative could take the information back to Jon Burns. This representative Will Wade. Will Wade knew the Ralston Deathbed deal. He is the representative for Dawson county the 9th district. He immediately came out and supported Sheree Ralston. He played the fence. Today Jon Burns will become the next speaker of the House for the state of GA.

BKP is working with many others to develop a plan for representatives that go against the establishment and corruption to have the money to fight.