The media spinning Joe’s classified documents is not a big deal. Media is running cover for Biden. “When is the FBI going to raid the White House,” says Trump. If 1 top secret document, how is that not as bad as 50. The fact that the media is trying to minimize the seriousness of taking documents period. Before the election it was nothing but the documents. We watched this whole drama thing play out, knowing that Obama, Clinton etc all have taken documents. But Biden was a VP and he did not have the power to declassify anything. This is very serious. They are using the media to create a legal prosecution narrative on Trump and the same media is creating a legal narrative of not guilty on Biden.

Biden goes to the bridge in OH and has an amazing moment according to the drama media. Then Biden finds the border and has an amazing moment in El Paso. Then he has an amazing moment in Mexico where he discovers fentanyl. The day after a college football game, they drop the Biden document story for a quick cover up. How corrupt is this country?

On Monday Biden’s lawyers confirmed that 10 documents were found on November 2 at the Penn Biden Center office in DC, just days before the midterms elections. They wait until Biden is out of the country and taking a firm stance on the border and the drugs coming across the border. Mitch McConnell knows this information and was willing to reach across the aisle working on the devastating bills that have been passed.