If Truth wins the day and the hard work involved wins the day, we will be fine. But if money and the corruption of money is involved it will prevail.

BKP will be ok at the end of the day. He appreciates the outpouring of love and support from voters that gave all they can.

The court systems are so backed up they can only prosecute jail cases. While AG Chris Carr chose to weaponize their office to change the outcome of an election. They went after BKP the Friday before qualifying. They have scheduled the Fannin county courthouse and are going to bring in a judge to hear a frivolous case. The AJC wrote an attack article on BKP and it went viral because someone put money behind it to go viral. All the local rags continued to write articles on BKP. BKP loses support due to the articles over lies.

IF BKP would not have put the pressure on to get a debate there would not have been an issue discussed during the campaign. Sheree wants to put councilors in police cars. But the way to get a handle on the mental health problem is control the drug issues. And get the meth heads out of the hospital beds and then the people who really have mental issues will have a bed. There aren’t any articles in any of the newspapers to talk about the issues. Not a reporter attended either forum. Once the attack stories came, Sheree poured thousands of dollars that would say something like does BKP pay his bills? Paid for by Sheree Ralston.

Our POS of the day has single handedly destroyed the Gilmer County GOP. First and foremost the meetings need to move to a place where everyone can attend and out of a bar. Now that he is out we need to do everything we can to change the location and rebuild the party.