McCarthy moved into the speakers chamber yesterday. It is part of his arrogance. McCarthy doesn’t have the votes. Kevin McCarthy will not be the speaker of the house. The first vote will come McCarthy won’t have the votes and not on the second vote or the third vote. They may change the rules to lessen the number of votes needed to become speaker. It has happened before in 1840 and 1850. It will be at least a week before we have a speaker. There will be a nomination for Andy Biggs from AZ.

Why are they putting this much pressure on this decision? There won’t be any committee for another month. Why does the media push back? The freedom caucus is determined to put the power back to the people and take the power from the leadership. WE now know how the deals are made, no more game playing.

The house rules don’t allow amendment to the budget bills. You are going to hear this all week. We are battling for the soul of the republican party and to save this country.

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