Brian spoke with Andrew Clyde this morning about what is happening with the Speaker of the House.

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BKP spoke with Andrew Clyde to get the scoop on the Kevin McCarthy vote today. The democrats will put up Hakeem Jefferies but there will not be the republican vote to put him into speaker.

BKP was voter #1 at his precinct. He tells the story about issues with voting.

Will Kevin McCarthy be speaker of the house? Adam Kingzinger went home yesterday to cry no more. What will he do, we don’t know. Liz Chaney is out too. But probably still in DC coming up with a new plan to bring MAGA down. The Jan 6 committee is finished. The networks are crying this morning. Nancy is no longer speaker of the house. She is helping formulate the new leadership. Nancy will set everything in motion for Hakeem Jeffries. The first order of business of the new Congress is to elect a speaker of the house. Nothing will happen until there is a speaker.

They will go to the floor and make a motion to elect a new speaker of the house and then there will be nominations. The democrats will nominate Hakeem Jefferies, just like any other year. McCarthy will not be speaker of the house today. There will be media spin on the guys that are causing the trouble. 5 hard nos and the 9 that are unlikely to support. McCarthy can lose 4 to make it. According to Andrew Clyde, Hakeem Jefferies will not be Speaker of the House.