BKP got a call Friday afternoon about how he may need Sheree Ralston down the road. BKP spent the weekend thinking about how all the people were cautioning him going against Kemp.

GA bulldogs going back to back national titles. Kemp Marty and the girls ready to cheer on the Bulldogs.

The GA House is in session today and voting in Jon Burns as Speaker of the House.

The action plan that BKP and others are working on to ensure that we have representatives in Atlanta. Not just when they are home at the local restaurant but also in Atlanta.

If an investigation really took place, it would not be shocking that if Brian Kemp, it’s possible that he could be the most corrupt governor in the United States. Fact is not Attack. If you’re out there speaking truth to power and have the facts it is not attack.

YOu have heard so much about the rules package and the deals made to get McCarthy the vote to be speaker. The media loves the picture of the conflict in the house for the past 5 days of voting. Representative Rogers going after Gaetz. The Speaker Fight.

Today they vote on the rules package. Nancy Mace from South Carolina is unsure if she can vote on the package today. They are trying to get it all whipped up in a frenzy.

If Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Elize Stefanic are the leaders, keep both eyes open.

Andrew Clyde from the 9th district of GA, when he makes a promise we can be assured that he will keep that promise. He wants to get the rules package completed and then after that he will come on the show at 8 am and will talk to us on the show to discuss everything that took place. We will ask him what is in the rules package that is different. The rules package is available for all to read. What does he think is going to happen? The graphic that Andrew has on his feed is “Restoring the People’s Voice in the People’s House”. All they want to do is return the power to the people. Andrew Clyde will tell you exactly what is happening.

The media is whipped up into a frenzy this morning over the creation of the committee on the investigation of the FBI attack on the American people but the media is saying that the defense department is now a republican threat. There is not a republican in DC that wants to risk our national defense security or cut the funding to our defense. There are some Americans that are not ok with the FBI targeting the mothers and fathers going to board of education meetings. We are not ok with what we are learning coming from Twitter. We are not ok with the 50 CIA execs signing the letter on the Hunter Biden laptop.

Joe Biden goes to the border. There is an amnesty bill. The deals are already done. Watch and see. We will ask Rep Clyde on his Texa Border plan and his four pronged approach is. Will it mean amnesty with a deal between Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey of MO vs our Attorney General Chris Carr.