There is nothing wrong with asking questions about Damar Hamlin Sudden Collapse. After completing a standard tackle, the 24 year old athlete collapsed on the field with cardiac arrest. The officials revived him twice. Did the 24 year old get a hit that caused this. Did he have a heart condition? Or was it because of the COVID jab or the virus? If it was the virus that caused his heart to weaken then we need to start looking at Fauci. If it because of the jab,

The 10 scandals to keep your eye on in 2023. Biden laundry mat, the FBI corruptions, the supreme court leak, COVID, spygate, prolife targeting, journalist silenced.

California bill to punish doctors for false covid information goes into effect. You can not talk about ivermectin in CA. and you can’t talk about the disadvantages of the vaccine.

Nathan Deal started an all out migration from CA and other democrat places. Profits over People.