This is a picture of a country in decline. Biden and McConnell highlight bipartisanship at KY event touting infrastructure bill. Notice JD Vance is not there. Rand Paul is not there either. There wasn’t a necessity for an infrastructure bill. There are statements and influences that happen that manipulate the public opinion to waste and spend our money. If you took these behemoths of the country and government agencies could be cut 50% and apply that to every road and bridges, it could be repaired in 5 years. When the media puts up bipartisanship it is the definition of the republicans surrendering. Where both party members can steal from the American people, pass a bill and call it bipartisanship.

MTG and Trump are pushing McCarthy. But the way Hannity treated Boebert on his show was truly awful. This is the process Sean.

Here is what scares them and the truth. What you are hearing that McCarthy is accepting is what these representatives have been trying to talk to McCarthy for months. They want you to believe that what is happening right now is a major problem and mutiny. But the truth is that the 20 have been trying to talk to McCarthy for months. And Kevin has not worked anything out with them because of his arrogance. This group on the screen has told this audience that the house of representatives will be conservative. They are telling you that they will move the legislation and return the gavel to the people. One of the 2 last deals made was the congressional leadership fund. They are making a deal that McCarthy will not take leadership funds to primary for opposing him. The 20 want to return the power to the people. We are going to break that in GA to stop the primarying candidates because they don’t do what they are told by leadership.

MTG is a friend of the show. She was stripped of committee assignments for 2 years by Nancy Pelosi. Committee assignments come with different pay and expenses and travel allowances. Kevin McCarthy and republicans supported this decision. MTG is telling the 20 you got a win, take them and move forward. AS long as MTG is staying true to your promises to your district, we are ok. MTG stay on track in protecting our kids making it a federal crime on pedophilia.