BKP talks college football.

Donald Trump did play a part of the Speaker Election and the media is running wild. Round 14 McCarthy came up short. There was a vote of adjournment after the vote. And someone was pulled a red card to change their vote to adjourn and back on the floor for vote #15.

The first lesson for new republicans is that Brian Kemp, Chris Carr, Will Wade are not real republicans. Our hope is that Burt Jones is the same Burt Jones that defended and supported Donald J Trump in Jan 2021. We are tired of the state of GA being told that we must vote red. That is a mind control manipulation that has been successful by Brian Kemp, Nathan Deal, David Ralston and the list goes on. That has to stop.

We had an opportunity to get another AG in GA. But Chris Carr is at the football game and his ass kissing Brian Kemp. HIghlighting the Chamber of Commerce stuff. Yet Chris is busy not fighting drug cartels, the real corruption in the state, big tech and he is at the football game. MO has a true AG, tweeting out the Biden administration colluding with social media.

Remember the court case Judge Brian Amero and VoterGA. And Judge Brian Amero acknowledges enough proof of fraud and was working out a deal to do a full forensic audit and remember it was out SOS Brad Raffensperger who participated in the Jan 6 special committee and Fani Willis Fulton County DA kangaroo court and her special Grand Jury. On that court case that Judge Amero had, the SOS goes to the attorney that he has and they do everything to stop the investigation into the 2020 election.

Remember all of a sudden Judge Amero said that VoterGA doesn’t have standing. WE know that this happens at the beginning of the case. With the help of the SOS and AG all of a sudden we don’t have standing. Now there was a ruling on the Sons of Confederate case that they have standing and it will open the door for VoterGA to have standing.

Brian Kemp, Raffensperger and Chris Carr unless we get an investigation. We have the republican party of ga that the cheerleading is voted red. We have our county conventions coming up March 11 and vote in County GOP chairs that are not ready to move past. You will have to go and be a delegate. Then you have to go to the District convention, and then the state convention. We have to put a stop to them.