Our government has saved you again. They created the crisis. They created the fear around the crisis. They did the smoke and mirrors to do the right things, the bipartisan thing that saved the American people once again. Crisis averted. And now they will continue to spend trillions of dollars of your money and sent it to Ukraine.

MTG voted yes, and a lot of her colleagues are upset in DC. MTG did a video yesterday morning saying that she lives in reality, there are always implications of what you say.

Trump says that he can get rid of the Deep State in six months. Ron D wants 8 years to turn this ship around. He is laying the ground work telling you that Trump has only 4 years. In Ron D’s first term he will do all he can to make sure he gets the second term, he is already worried about re-election. We don’t want to hear an 8 year plan. You won’t do what needs to be done to do what needs to be done in DC to turn the ship around. We want a president that will go into the Oval Office and not give a damn to clean house.

GA has an upcoming convention. The GOP announced that the Victory Dinner speaker would be Mike Pence. They got so many phone calls at the GOP that they nixed it. The story that they are telling is that Pence is announcing in IA that he is running for president. Then he is doing a town hall that will prevent him from coming to GA Friday night. Mike Pence doesn’t want it to go viral that he gets booed while he is trying to campaign for president. Now that Pence backed out, Kari Lake is the keynote speaker.