When they try to sell us that the Kevin McCarthy debt ceiling deal was a step in the right direction. Every time someone talks about the step in the right direction, we have had birds crapped on for some many years. As republicans we get the house, the senate, the white house, and our new suit is conservative republicans and without a stain or wrinkle and as we are walking down the street we look on the shoulder and we have bird crap on it. The trust has gone out the window and we want something done. Joe Scarborough gives the reason why and laughs at us. This is why Trump has to go back in… Remember Chris Christie is saying that Trump will spend the next four years settling the score… Trump says, They’ve opened up the box. Look, Bill Barr is a weak coward. And he didn’t want to do anything like this. Pandora’s box, it is wide open. Look up the number of subpoenas that Paul Ryan issued and now the number of subpoenas Nancy Pelosi issued. Nancy ran republicans through the dirt. So how about Trump, even the score.