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BKP on the highlights of the week

BKP on the highlights of the week

If you were in Martha’s Vineyard this morning. Watching social media Americans across this country, people are taking pictures of people getting off the buses to see if there are illegals getting off in your state. Remember VP Harris came out this week saying that our...

Meet our Sports Director

My name is Jake West and I am the director of sports for #TeamFYNsports. I attended Murphy High School in North Carolina where I played multiple sports growing up. After high school, I went on to attend Appalachian State University, where I received a bachelors degree in Communications. While attending college, I worked alongside the Appalachian State football team in the video production department. I helped produce football, volleyball and basketball games that were broadcast on ESPN and other networks.
Here at #TeamFYNsports, we pride ourselves on being #AllOverIt, meaning we try our best to cover everything that our local student athletes do. If you are aware of something coming up that a local student athlete may be involved in and are wondering if #TeamFYNsports is going to be there to cover it, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or call me directly at 828-557-0362.