All-Star Political Panel

Wake up w/ the All-Star Political Panel.
Every Friday @ 8:45 in Downtown Blue Ridge.

The All-Star Political Panel

Wake up with The All-Star Political Panel!

Every Friday morning, a group of three closely connected friends get together to share like-minded political talk on with host Brian Pritchard, AKA “BKP”.  Whether we get together at Circuit World or Sycamore Crossing, you can never predict what may be discussed, but rest assured it will be engaging, enlightening, sometimes very controversial but always entertaining! 

We describe ourselves as retired Christian conservatives who love our families, love our country and proud supporters of the Constitution and our President, Donald J. Trump. We are free thinkers who challenge and validate. We believe in smaller government, less regulation, capitalism and the rule of law.  We believe in a strong militia, strong borders,   strong border security, and legal immigration.  We believe in a free press and a judicial system that interprets the law with bias toward none. We are proud to be known as “Baby-Boomers” and a product of the sixties.  Is it a coincidence that all three of us were born in the same year and only three days apart? Or was it all in the master plan that we would come together to this small town in North Georgia?  Tune in and tell us what you think!

If you align your beliefs and thinking with Jane, Rick and Bruce…or challenge what we say, we invite you to join us on Fridays on the All-Star Political Panel!