Bruce and Rick talk about World Cup

The Herschel Walker Runoff Election is on December 6. The future of our country is dependent upon this election. People are angry across the country, 5 to 10 times more than in 2009. The people are tired of the double standard. Republicans need to get on board and follow the democrat ground game.

Job numbers that came out this morning that came out a lot hotter than expected. The markets are down. The feds are panicking. What is going on in the economy is defying expert opinions. The supply chain continues to have issues.

The funeral of David Ralston. Now the seat is open for the GA State House District 7.

Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Negotiations are still underway. Getting someone more conservative as Speaker will not happen. McCarthy will most likely be Speaker.

The Fannin County GOP did a great job energizing the county to get out the vote. The line at early voting was long but it does move quickly. Debbie talks about an absentee ballot tracker system.

Winners and Losers