Get to know Herschel Walker in this conversation between Herschel and BKP. So much to talk about but as Herschel said, He is the candidate that is listening to Georgians and He is the candidate that will fight for Georgians.

We have the big lie and the recent one is the Inflation Reduction Act. We know in GA, they are determined to try to save the Senate seat with Raphael Warnock. We know that the democrats and the liberal media know that the House will go back to republican control. So it is a race to save the Senate. Herschel Walker is attacked daily by some group.

In response to Herschel Walker’s statement regarding the raid at Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago yesterday, what people have to realize is that they do this and the inflation reduction act they are coming after the middle class. Don’t think that they are just coming after the president of the United States. They didn’t hire border control agents and the men in blue, but they hired IRS agents. The American people are struggling with food and gas prices. And come November we have to put the right people in office to get this right.

Warnock knew months ago that this bill wouldn’t cap insulin prices on private insurers. But the media and Warnock lie, saying that the republicans stopped the cap on insulin. This bill will raise a lot of healthcare costs and it won’t do anything for inflation. It will hurt the Georgia voters and Georgia manufacturers. The Georgia voters need to wake up right now because the liberals and Warnock are trying to take away our freedoms.

The Atlanta Press Club has donated to the Warnock campaign. Warnock has not confirmed the Savannah debate. Warnock won’t agree to debate Walker in front of a live audience in Warnock’s hometown of Savannah.

Warnock has voted with Joe Biden and not for Georgia. He has voted for putting men in women’s sports. And he has voted for the high gas prices. to support Herschel’s campaign to fight for the voters of Georgia.

The hold up is that Warnock doesn’t want to go in front of the people to talk about his voting record. He doesn’t represent the people of GA. He wants to stay in Washington DC with the elites. Since Warnock has been in office, everything they are touching right now they are destroying.

Herschel doesn’t run from the attacks. He takes them head on. When they attack Herschel they are scared of him. When they attack it only helps Herschel.

Herschel wants to remove the stigma of mental health, the veterans of America, we need to become Americans and not separate based on race, gender.

The democrats want to control your life, the republicans want to serve you. The democrats continue to tear things down and destroy America. Let’s put people in office that will do the right thing for the people of GA.

The liberal media is not the friend of Herschel Walker. The democrats have spent over 30 million dollars to campaign against Herschel but the polling numbers are equal. Warnock is saying that he wants to separate himself from Biden but he continues to vote for the Biden policies.

Wokeness in the Military is a sad thing and will get a lot of our men and women killed. Iran, Russia and China don’t care about Wokeness. We need to continue to support our military, our men and women and blue, and support our kids.

Warnock is with Joe Biden and Herschel Walker is with Georgia. Get Warnock to debate Herschel in his hometown on October 14. Go to