Is Rank choice coming to GA?
They want you to think that Mark Meadows text messages are that important
Remember when the father was drugged out of the school board meeting in Loudoun county VA. the superintendent has been indicted for covering up two sex attacks by boy in skirt in bathroom.
Sam Brinton left his role at DOE over 2 stolen suitcases.
There is always a strain on hospitals in the winter. This time of the year these hospitals are under a strain and have nothing to do with a pandemic.
The problem is that you are getting information that they are not sending you. Fauci is looking at every American and giving us the finger. We have to put Fauci on trial. His comments and the things that he said are directly responsible for millions of people dying. The death of your grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc. He is responsible for nursing home deaths.