No one has any responsibility any more. Where is Joe Biden pounding the desk demanding answers?

Don’t give your kids the vaccine.

Topics Corporate Corrupt Media won’t discuss
Ghislaine Maxwell gets 20 years, Epstein’s assistant.
US sanctions target Russian gold imports
Slumps in consumer confidence
The human smuggling at the border

In Georgia, Vic Reynolds used to be the lead prosecutor in Cobb county. He endorsed Brian Kemp, when Kemp was a candidate running against Casey Cagle. As a thank you, Vic Reynolds became the head of GBI. GBI stayed out of the 2020 election and the True the Vote investigation and cleared anyone of everything. So now he has been given a lifetime appointment to the Superior Court Judge in Cobb county.

The Court system is never a campaign issue and our Justice system is a disaster. Some of the most rural counties in America have backlogs. Where are the efforts to rebuild our court systems since COVID. The number of cases that are 5-6 years old because of the backlog and no money is being spent to build up a better justice system. The American people have the right to justice and to have their day in court.