Pickens county can’t get their day in court. They had no opposition to the audit. In Fulton county there was a lot of opposition to the audit, fighting it to stop it in its tracks. They have to stop it because if Pickens county finds something then all the counties will want to follow suit.

The elites love having power.

The government froze the bank accounts of the truckers in protests over the COVID vaccine mandates. It went bad as citizens were trampled by mounted police.

Rutte in Netherlands they are transforming food systems and land use which has caused the farmers are protesting blocking highways with tractors and dumping manure at government places. The Dutch government has embarked upon insane efforts to slash greenhouse gasses, to slash the nitrogen oxide in the soil. The government states that the honest message is not all farmers will continue business. Those that do will have to do differently. This is what happens when your government gets penetrated by globalist activists from the World Economic Forum, as boasted by Klaus Schwab in 2017. Schwab’s plan is to penetrate the cabinets in the country’s national governments, which he has successfully done in many countries.

Keep in mind that Boris Johnson (he liked Trump) is gone, will his replacement follow the climate agenda of the WEF?

BTW Abe Former PM of Japan also liked Trump.